Cider & Perry Bar

The SRAF 2016 Cider and Perry Bar is sponsored by the Jolly Judge, 7 James Court, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh

The following ciders and perries, together with a mead, are available at SRAF 2016.
Please note that all products on this list are subject to availability. We aim to update the list hourly as appropriate during the festival.

Scottish Cider, Perry and Mead

Sorry - sold out! Cairn O' Mohr - Vintage Cider ABV 5.0% Medium/Sweet - East Inchmichael, Errol, Perthshire
Sweet Perthshire apples are washed, chopped, then pressed into the pure juice before fermentation is initialised by inoculation. This is 100% fermented apple juice with nothing added

Sorry - sold out! Cairn O' Mohr - Mixed Fruit Cider ABV 4.5% Medium/Sweet - East Inchmichael, Errol, Perthshire
Using our Vintage Cider as a base, we blend in some of our genuinely made Strawberry and Raspberry wines and a little elderflower cordial to give us a medium sweet and light punch based drink. A little ginger in there too gives a very gentle warmth to the long and fruity finish

Sorry - sold out! Cairn O' Mohr - King Jimmy's Cider ABV 5.0% Medium/Sweet - East Inchmichael, Errol, Perthshire
A very special and highly limited edition cider made from one single heritage variety of apples that are picked on King James VI Golf Course on Moncrieff Island, which is in the River Tay by Perth. As you can imagine, it's difficult to get the apples off the island and we send the Boss over with a rowing boat to go back and forward and back and forward ...

Sorry - sold out! Cairn O' Mohr - Meadowsweet Fruit Cider ABV 5.0% Medium/Sweet - East Inchmichael, Errol, Perthshire
We forage for the meadowsweet flowering herb blossoms and make them into a lovely light cordial. We then blend this cordial with our Vintage Cider to give a light and fresh cider with top notes of meadowsweet and a deep apple base

Clyde Cider - Clyde Cider ABV 5.0% Medium/Sweet - Glasgow
Made from apples that were left over after the eaters and cookers were finished; it’s a mixture of lots of different varieties. A dry craft cider with a slightly nutty finish

Clyde Cider - Morningcider ABV 5.0% Sweet
New Edinburgh cider to be launched at SRAF 2016 - no tasting notes available

The Rookery - Mead ABV 17% - Perthshire
A selection of mead will be available (we have no tasting notes for these). Mead will be sold in a 125 mL measure.

Sorry - sold out! Thistly Cross - Jaggy Thistle Cider ABV 7.4% - South Belton Farm, Nr. Dunbar, East Lothian
A vintage CAMRA-approved East Lothian scrumpy, naturally fermented over the colder months. We hand press locally grown apples and leave the naturally occurring wild yeasts intact. After fermentation, the cider is laid down in ex-spirit casks to mature, producing a slow-fermented, unfiltered, unpasteurised, cask-conditioned vintage scrumpy!

Sorry - sold out! Waulkmill - Mooseheid Perry ABV 4.0% Medium - Westerkirk, Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway
Light full fruit perry, medium alcohol taste, smooth aftertaste

Sorry - sold out! Waulkmill - Cider n Black Fruit Cider ABV 3.9% Sweet - Westerkirk, Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway
Full flavoured, medium heavy fruit taste, medium sweetness with tart blackcurrant aftertaste

Waulkmill - Steel Bonnet Pyder ABV 5.0% Medium - Westerkirk, Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway
Blend of 50% Mooseheid and 50% Muckle Toon Rosie. Slight acidity, full fruit mouth, medium alcohol aftertaste

Sorry - sold out! Waulkmill - Cyser Fruit Cider ABV 5.0% Medium - Westerkirk, Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway
Made to an old recipe in which honey, heather and apple cider are blended together

English and Welsh Cider and Perry

Sorry - sold out! Broome Farm - Suzie Wong ABV 5.5% Medium - Herefordshire
Medium, sweet still cider from a blend of apples

Dorset Nectar - Sweet Maiden Cider ABV 5.0% Sweet - Dorset
Sweet still cider beautifully crafted with great clarity

Sorry - sold out! Dorset Sunshine - Sunshine Cider ABV 6.0% Dry - Dorset
Dry, still traditional farmhouse cider

Ham Hill - Ham Hill Medium Cider ABV 6.0% Medium - Somerset
Rounded, rich and deep. Smooth and refreshing

Sorry - sold out! Handmade - Fire Starter Cider ABV 6.2% - Medium/Dry - Wiltshire
Medium dry, soft zingy and refreshing on a hot day

Harry's - Scummage Cider ABV 6.5% Medium - Somerset
Traditionally made cider with heaps of flavour and aroma

Haywood Farm - Sweet Cider ABV 5.5% Medium/Sweet - Cornwall
Sweet, traditional farmhouse cider made using a granite cider press

Lawrence's - Sweet Cider ABV 6.0% Sweet - Dorset
Traditional farm pressed cider matured in oak barrels for a unique smoky taste

Sorry - sold out! Millwhites - Rioja Cask Cider ABV 6.7% Dry - Somerset
Dry with a warm glow from ageing in Spanish Rioja casks

Sorry - sold out! Moons - Farmhouse Cider ABV 6.0% Dry - Somerset
From Glastonbury and not at all affected by festival goers

Newton Court - Winnails Longden Perry ABV 5.3% Medium/Dry - Herefordshire
Award winning perry. Sits easy in the mouth

Sorry - sold out!Olivers - Classic Perry ABV 6.0% Medium/Sweet - Herefordshire
Straw bright with spicy rhubarb nose

Twisted - Wild Orchard Cider ABV 6.0% Sweet - Dorset
Sweet farmhouse, rich fruity full apple taste

West Milton - Real Cider ABV 5.0% Medium - Dorset
Made from traditional Dorset cider apples. Smooth and easy drinking

Yarde - Real Draught Cider ABV 6.0% Medium - Devon

That's all the Cider and Perry, but please check out the Real Ale Bars or return SRAF Home

Updated 19:36 09 July 2016